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Tips on Tree Planting

Friday 4th November 2022

The majority of our trees are container grown, fully hardy, ornamental, (ie suitable for a domestic garden) English grown and ideal to plant now.  If planted with care, already formatively pruned (the shape of the tree has been started) and kept watered during the first couple of years, you will then have the pleasure of enjoying your tree and most will flower their first year.  We advise staking to prevent blowing over, planting with compost to provide nutrients, retain water and give the tree a good start. We also recommend mulching, preventing the weeds and grass growing from around the base.

Fruit trees these are either sold in pots or they are ‘bare root’ ie dug into our border.  These will then be dug up and will need to be planted by the customer immediately.  This is a cheaper and traditional way of planting fruit trees through the winter.  We sell a good range of the most popular varieties and these are all grown in Worcestershire for us.

We are always happy to help advise what tree for what site and please do not hesitate to ring and ask.  Our trees arrive early Autumn and with our dry summers we do recommend planting by early spring which gives the tree time to become established before the dry weather.

How to plant a tree

Dig a square hole approximately 75cm (2.5 feet) across and a little deeper than the tree container.    We recommend a square hole to encourage the roots to penetrate out into the surrounding soil, particularly if the bottom and sides of the hole have been forked over.

If planting in free-draining light or heavy soil, the new tree will benefit from digging in some tree planting and mulching compost (roughly half an 80-litre bag per tree).  Be careful not to use any fresh green material which might scorch the roots.

We recommend staking newly-planted trees, especially those in exposed positions. Knock the stake into the hole before planting the tree and place it in the direction of the prevailing wind so that the tree blows away from it to prevent damage.

We use ‘rootgrow’ a beneficial mycorrhizal fungi which helps roots become established, just dip the roots of the tree into the white powder just before planting.

Position the tree in the hole and attach the tree to the stake using a tree tie firmly secured. To prevent the tie sliding down the stake, put a tack in the stake. Back fill the hole with your mixture of original soil mixed with tree planting compost and be very careful not to bank up the soil around the stem which can cause the tree to suffocate. We strongly recommend the use of a mulch to help preserve soil moisture and to prevent weeds and grass from growing too close to the tree and competing with it for water and nutrients, again be careful not to let the mulch mound up against the trunk.

If your garden is prone to rabbits, then placing a clear plastic spiral tree guard (clear to let the light in) around the trunk of the young tree is essential.

It’s imperative to keep a newly-planted tree well-watered during the first couple of years, until its roots have established themselves in the surrounding soil.

Keep an eye on the stake, particularly after windy weather, and make sure that the trunk is not rubbing up against it.  Loosen off the tie and the tree guard as and when the trunk expands.  The stake, tie and tree guard can all be removed once the tree is growing well in its position.

Enjoy your lovely trees.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to chat to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members, or call us on 01206 299 224.

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