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Plant Centre, Garden & Cafe
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Humax Multipurpose

Ideal general compost, for seeds, baskets, and container-grown plants. We recommend you add John Innes No 2 or 3 or some fertiliser


TPMC - Levington Advance

Tree and Shrub Compost

Professional tree and shrub planting compost. Highly recommended and used here planting our own trees, shrubs, and Roses.

75lt bag

Peat Free Farmyard Manure

Soil Improver

Used to add organic matter to your soil which helps with nutrients, suppresses weeds, improves workability and helps retain moisture.


Peat Free Multipurpose

Superb quality. 100% peat free. Ideal for potting on, planting out and can be used as a grow bag.


Peat Free Ericaceous

For potting Camellias, Rhododendrons and other acid loving plants.


John Innes No.1

Ideal for seeds and young plants.


John Innes No.2

Ideal for potting plants on.


John Innes No.3

Ideal for container grown plants and final potting.


Humax Quality Grow Bag

Extremely good quality, ideal for tomatoes, salad and vegetable plants.


New Wool Compost


Peat Free Ornamental Bark

For covering borders, helps retains moisture and suppress weeds as well as decorative ground cover.


Peat Free Topsoil

Carefully blended topsoil, fine texture, free flowing and easy to handle, and virtually stone free.


Peat Free Organic Strulch

Very popular mulch made from straw, ideal for organic gardening either dig in or use as mulch and well recommended to deter slugs and snails.


Horticultural Potting Grit

Variety of uses – for potting mix in with compost. Also used well with Alpines.


Specialist Compost

Orchid – 10lt

Citrus – 8lt

Houseplant – 8lt

Seed and Cutting – 10lt

Cactus & Bonsai – 10lt

John Innes No1 – 10lt

John Innes No2 – 10lt

John Innes No3 – 10lt

Seaweed Fertiliser – 10kg

Chicken Manure – 10kg