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Humax Multipurpose

Ideal general compost, for seeds, baskets, and container-grown plants. We recommend you add John Innes No 2 or 3 or some fertiliser

60lt – £12.99

TPMC - Levington Advance

Tree and Shrub Compost

Professional tree and shrub planting compost. Highly recommended and used here planting our own trees, shrubs, and Roses.

75lt bag – £16.50

Peat Free Farmyard Manure

Soil Improver

Used to add organic matter to your soil which helps with nutrients, suppresses weeds, improves workability and helps retain moisture.

50lt – £10.99

Peat Free Multipurpose

Superb quality. 100% peat free. Ideal for potting on, planting out and can be used as a grow bag.

50lt – £11.99

Peat Free Ericaceous

For potting Camellias, Rhododendrons and other acid loving plants.

50lt – £12.50


John Innes No.1

Ideal for seeds and young plants.

25lt – £7.99

John Innes No.2

Ideal for potting plants on.

25lt – £7.99

John Innes No.3

Ideal for container grown plants and final potting.

25lt – £7.99

Humax Quality Grow Bag

Extremely good quality, ideal for tomatoes, salad and vegetable plants.

27lt – £6.50

New Wool Compost

30lt – £10.99

Peat Free Ornamental Bark

For covering borders, helps retains moisture and suppress weeds as well as decorative ground cover.

60lt – £12.99

Peat Free Topsoil

Carefully blended topsoil, fine texture, free flowing and easy to handle, and virtually stone free.

10lt – £9.95

Peat Free Organic Strulch

Very popular mulch made from straw, ideal for organic gardening either dig in or use as mulch and well recommended to deter slugs and snails.

100lt – £13.75

Horticultural Potting Grit

Variety of uses – for potting mix in with compost. Also used well with Alpines.

20kg – £9.99

Small bags – £5.25

Specialist Compost

Orchid – 10lt

Citrus – 8lt

Houseplant – 8lt

Seed and Cutting – 10lt

Cactus & Bonsai – 10lt

John Innes No1 – 10lt

John Innes No2 – 10lt

John Innes No3 – 10lt

Seaweed Fertiliser – 10kg

Chicken Manure – 10kg

Prices on Request


20kg – £9.99